Am I doing this RIGHT?!

“Am I doing this right?” This is constant dialogue I begin with myself. In so many aspects of our lives, as we grow, we realize we don’t really know that much about that much. Actually, most humans know everything they will ever need to know (in their entire lives!) between the ages of 15 and 18. If you were ever a teen or have a teen you know what i’m talkin’ about. The years after 18 vary in knowledge. At some point, we usually all come to the conclusion that in the relativity of the information out there, we know nothing. We will always be learning. Always. So, I ask myself in my parenting, relationships, friendships, pet parenting, gardening, cleaning, painting, writing, designing, speaking, sleeping, eating…my job… Am I doing this right?

What am I even DOING?

We are going to just focus on the job part today. I started as the manager here at the end of November 2019. Like my manager before me, I had little- to extra-little training. Ambitious, I learned the board, the computer, how to create affidavits and bill customers! My little morning show was going pretty good and I had big dreams for the Historic KLMX Radio. The rest? I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Until I knew, that I didn’t know. You know? Then suddenly! The event of 2020. BAM! This job I barely knew, changed drastically. The world stopped or slowed and the big things I had planned? I watched them dissolve as the future of everything lingered around our ability to go outdoors was restricted longer, and on it lasted.

Where is this going?

What I didn’t realize; Through “THAT TIME”, I was creating lasting bad habits that slowed my growth and the stations! I felt I was doing right then, but I was operating at about age 18 (for reference) in my job. Flashing forward to today, and the reason for my first blog post, we can all end up here. Some sort of digression, where we forget we DON’T KNOW and God or life comes in and harshly reminds us? The station was doing okay. I have never been a person to accept merely ‘OKAY’ in my life! Then I remembered the fact that I am a Beast! Machine! Powerhouse! All self-proclaimed (obviously). I needed my goals back… this time they are to the MOON! It was time to start from scratch. What wasn’t right? Fix it, and go. FULL FORCE.

Am I doing it right, right now?

Finally, we enter the fight mode! We don’t know what we are doing but willing to learn!! (early 30’s on the knowledge scale of life) That meant change. Who loves change? Additionally, I needed to act fast. You may have noticed some of the new things around here. Ultimately, the changes at KLMX have been rewarding; Although, sometimes painful and even humbling. Growing pains in any situation usually are. Now, the goal is to keep asking if I am doing the right thing. For the radio station that I love, our generous sponsors, me, the community, the morning show, then next generation of broadcasters, my Grandpa Bear who will always be my inspiration and all of you. Thank you for reading this far and I look forward to keeping you all updated here about the world’s best little radio station, broadcasting all the way from the corner of New Mexico, Clayton, 97.5 FM The Bear! – Anna Haisten

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