WOWIE! Hello and good morning, this is D-JOZZY one of the co-hosts of AWAKEN AM! Welcome to my page! Anything posted here will be music videos, interviews even, and some daily rock history. Other things you might see here are daily pictures/comic stips of Garfield and some silly pictures of our good friend and coworker, Lacy! Anyway, thank you for coming here, tuning in to the morning show, I hope that maybe you get some information from here or some good laughs from the comic strips! Oh, and I hope you guys have an awesome day!! :oD

04.16.24 – Here is our final Garfield comic for today. It is TODAY’S comic!

Thank you, Mr. Jim Davis! 🙂

04.16.24 – Here is our second comic for today! This one is from 1979. Probably my favorite one. 🙂

04.16.24 – Good morning! It has been a while since the last set of posts, here, but at least we’re back with a Garfield comic strip of today in 1980.

04/10/24 – Hello, again! Oh, that reminded me of The Cars’ Hello Again. Great song, by the way. Anyway, I have something to share! This is the music video for America’s You Can Do Magic off of their 1982 album View from the Ground! This is my favorite song and favorite video. I love that cloudy background…very nice. This background, paired with this awesome song? EVEN BETTER! Very inspiring. 😀 🌼

Thank you Mr. Gerry Beckley, Mr. Dewey Bunnell, Mr. Russell Ballard, and Mr. Willie Leacox for this AWESOME SONG!!

04/10/24- Finally, we end today’s daily Garfield comic strip with one from 1996.

Hope you guys are enjoying or enjoyed this morning’s show! Have an awesome, spectacular day!!! 🙂

04/10/24- Now we have one from 1989! Hope you guys are having a great morning!

4/10/24- Today we will start off with TODAY’s comic. It seems like these past three days Jim Davis has kept the theme in the food section.

Thank you, Mr. Jim Davis!

04/09/24 – GOOD MORNING!!! I hope you guys are having a great morning as well as enjoying the morning show! Now that we have found a way to post and share things we talk about on air with you guys…I can show you this music video!! This is Cheap Trick’s Dream Police, the title track off their 1979 album, Dream Police! We had this song in the first set in our Seriously Sick 70’s hour!
I think the intro of the video is very funny. It starts off with an interrogation. From Left to right we have Mr. Robin Zander, Mr. Bun E. Carlos, Mr. Tom Petersson, and Mr. Rick Nielsen.
Lead Vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Robin Zander’s line, “I must be dreaming”, as well as drummer, Bun E. Carlos’ line of “I’ll never eat a double cheeseburger before bed again”, suggest that the interrogation is in a dream world…hence the title Dream Police. Bun E. Carlos also pulls a banana out from his pocket? What? Very funny!
Then there’s Mr. Rick Nielsen, lead guitarist, primary songwriter and leader of Cheap Trick, his cool line at the end “Are we really the dream police?”.
You’re probably wondering…”what is so cool about that?”
Well, the echo was just really cool! 🙂

04/08/24 – We also have TODAY’S Garfield comic strip from TODAY in 2024! Speaking of Chili-Cheese fries… it is 11:37, about lunch time! So hope you guys had or are having an awesome lunch and an even awesome-r day!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to this morning’s show! Thank you Mr. Jim Davis!

04/08/24 – Todays Garfield comic is from 1996. Reminds me of a previous post…3/26/24, below. Garfield got stuck in a tree, and hoping Jon would save him…Jon was also stuck in the tree. Hope you guys have an awesome day!

04/05/24 -We hope you guys enjoyed the morning show today!! We’ve got our last Garfield Comic strip today. This one is from 2006. Thank you, Mr. Jim Davis!

As well as thank you for tuning in today! We hope you guys have an awesome weekend!! 🙂

04/05/24- Happy Friday!! As one of today’s Garfield comics, here, we have one from 1981. Wowie, Lyman is there in the corner, too.

04/02/24- This song, Rock Lobster by the B-52’s, was our last track in our Everything 80’s hour. While looking for the release date, I found out that it was released in 1978 from a Live Studio Jam, 1978 (Fm Radio Broadcast) album, oopsie. BUT I found a live television performance on Countdown from 1980. So that counts, right? Not really, but we hope you guys have an awesome rest of your day!!
04/02/24 – Good Morning!! Hope you guys enjoyed or are enjoying this morning’s show. I was very nervous today!
But anyway, in the first set on our Everything 80s we heard Money For Nothing by Dire Straits off of their 1985 album, Brothers in Arms. Great song! It reminded me of something very silly, though. Weird Al’s cover/parody from the soundtrack of his 1989 movie UHF known as “Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies”. Its the same song, but with its lyrics replaced by the lyrics of the theme song of the show, Beverly Hillbillies. A cool fun fact is that members of dire straits, Mark Knopfler and Guy Fletcher are featured in this song/parody!
Here is the music video to the parody, a clip from the movie. It is pretty funny in my opinion.

04/02/24 – Here is a new one made today in 2024! Thank you, Mr. Jim Davis!

04/02/24- Another one of today’s comic strips, but from 1988.

04/02/24- Here, we have today’s comic strip from 1983!

03/26/24 – Earlier today in our Everything 80’s we briefly talked about this band, right here. This is Coney Hatch, formed in 1981, they are one of Canada’s most iconic bands. This is the music video for the song, Fantasy, off of their 1985 album, Friction. It was a good find that I felt I had to share. It was also one of our last tracks for that hour. If you guys tuned in this morning and heard this song, I hope you enjoyed it!

03/26/24 – We have today’s comic, which was actually made today in 2024! Thank you, Mr. Jim Davis! 🙂

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