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Advertise on KLMX! 97.5 FM THE Bear is proud to support local and national businesses on our radio station. We provide great programming that entertains and informs our listeners 24/7. As an independently-owned business, we understand that your business is EVERYTHING. That’s why we strive to give you the best return on your investment!

Why should I advertise on the radio?

Good question!

Advertising on 97.5 FM The Bear can be amazing for your business for several reasons:

1. Targeted Audience: 97.5 FM The Bear attracts a specific demographic of classic rock and country music fans. Advertising on the radio ensures that your message reaches the right people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. This targeted approach can result in higher conversion rates and a better return on investment.

2. Engaged Listeners: The listeners of 97.5 FM The Bear are dedicated and passionate about their local radio. This means that when your advertisement airs on the station, it is being heard by an engaged audience who actively seek out and appreciate the content provided by the station. This engagement increases the chances of your message resonating with listeners and driving them to take action, such as visiting your store or website.

3. Local Market Focus: As a local radio station, 97.5 FM The Bear primarily serves a specific geographical area. If your business operates within this area, advertising on the station allows you to target and connect with the local community. This localized approach can be highly effective in building brand awareness and loyalty among potential customers in your immediate vicinity.

4. Brand Association: Advertising on 97.5 FM The Bear allows your business to associate itself with a trusted and popular radio station. This association can positively impact your brand’s reputation and credibility, as listeners perceive your business as being endorsed by a source they trust and enjoy. This can result in increased brand recognition, customer trust, and ultimately, more business opportunities.

5. Multi-Channel Exposure: In addition to on-air advertisements, 97.5 FM The Bear often extends its reach through online platforms, social media, and events. This provides your business with the opportunity for multi-channel exposure, allowing you to reach a broader audience and engage with listeners across various platforms. This integrated approach strengthens your overall marketing strategy and increases the chances of reaching potential customers through different touchpoints.

By considering the targeted audience, engaged listeners, local market focus, brand association, and multi-channel exposure, advertising on 97.5 FM The Bear can be an amazing opportunity for your business to increase brand visibility, connect with potential customers, and drive valuable results.

Radio is an immediate response to your advertising requirements!

Just give us a call at (575) 374-2555 and let’s talk about how we can help you get the exposure you need in our ever-growing market. 


What do you offer that other media can’t?

In addition to offering an all-inclusive advertising package (that includes YOUR link on our main page), we also stream our 97.5 FM radio station; that means you’re reaching more people in the office, at home, locally, in their car, and beyond! We also can produce your spot in-house or receive your spot via mp3 and get it on the air on the same day in most cases. There’s a real human involved in getting your message out to the public – you’re saving time, money, and there’s no huge overhead or complicated equipment to work with – we take care of it all!


What are your rates?

Call us at (575) 374-2555, Text (806)-290-6825 or email for the latest prices. We offer advertising package rates and specials and can work with almost any budget!

What about political advertising rates? Contact us at!

 We believe that the best voters are informed voters. That’s why KLMX offers each qualified candidate in each election season the opportunity for ONE FREE 10 MINUTE INTERVIEW (in person or over the phone) on our station, 97.5 FM. Contact us now to schedule your time!

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