Advertise with KLMX

KLMX is proud to support local and national businesses on our radio station. We constantly provide great programming that entertains and informs our listeners 24/7. As an independently-owned business, we understand that your budget is finite. That’s why we strive to give you the best return on your investment with cost-effective pricing.

Why should I advertise on the radio?

Good question! Here’s a few links to read. Or, just give us a call at (575) 374-2555 and let’s talk!

10 Reasons to Advertise

Is a radio ad worth it?

Internet or Radio?

What do you offer that other media can’t?

In addition to offering an all-inclusive package (that includes YOUR link on our main page), we also stream our 97.5 FM radio station; that means you’re reaching more people in the office, at home, locally, in their car, and beyond! We also can produce your spot in-house or receive your spot via mp3 and get it on the air on the same day in most cases. There’s a real human involved in getting your message out to the public – you’re saving time, money, and there’s no huge overhead or complicated equipment to work with – we take care of it all!

What are your rates?

Call us at (575) 374-2555 or email for the latest prices. We offer package rates and specials and can work with almost any budget!

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